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Speed Up Windows 7 Performance Part 2

Disable the search indexing on Windows 7

  • Right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop and select Manage
  • Click service and applications in the Computer management window
  • Click Services.
  • Search for Windows Search and Right-click on the Windows Search in the list and select Properties.
  • Windows Search Properties window. In Startup Type , click the drop-down menu and select Disabled
  • The indexing feature of Windows 7 Search is now disabled.
Most users of Windows 7 looking to do less in your system. Look for occasional researchers Indexing Service files in Windows 7 is a total resource hog. He eats without knowing the capabilities of your system. What you need Windows 7, then the maximum performance of it I would only recommend this resource hogging Windows 7 Search indexing feature.

Disable the search indexing on Windows 7
If you completely disable the search feature indexing of Windows 7 wish, you can query the indexing service to manual (see the above procedure to turn off unwanted services).
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